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Representing Industry-Leading Manufacturers.

Norse Technologies represents more than twenty leading manufacturers of hardware and software products to ensure precise calibration, metering, pressure control, data collection and situational analysis. Using the finest products from these manufacturers, Norse custom designs stand-alone instrumentation, multi-unit systems, and processes to create the ideal solution for each client.

Norse represents these industry-leading firms:

Ashcroft Inc. Logo

Ashcroft Inc.

  • Pressure transmitters
  • Low pressure draft transmitters
  • Pressure switches
  • Digital gauges
  • Diaphragm seals
  • Deadweight testers
Conax Technologies Logo

Conax Technologies

  • RTDs and thermocouples for the process, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries
  • Sealing glands for wires and probes
Crystal Engineering Corporation

Crystal Engineering Corporation

  • Pressure calibrators
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Pressure comparators
  • Calibration software
Cyclonic Valve Logo

Cyclonic Valve Company

  • Side entry choke and control valves
  • Valve Automation
Dent Instruments  Logo

Dent Instruments

  • Dataloggers for power monitoring, power usage, time of use power logging and software
  • Split core, clamp on and flexible CTs
Draeger Safety, Inc. Logo

Draeger Safety, Inc.

  • Gas monitors
  • Toxic gas monitors
  • Flammable gas monitors
  • Flame detection, control systems and control systems
FTI Flow Technology, INC Logo

FTI Flow Technology Inc.

  • Turbine Meters
  • Ultrasonic Meters
  • PD Meters
  • Magmeters
GE Sensing-Panametrics logo

GE Sensing-Panametrics

(Non-exclusive representation)

  • Ultrasonic clamp-on and in-situ flow meters
  • Moisture analyzers
Heise Precision Pressure Instruments  Logo

Heise Precision Pressure Instruments

  • Pressure standards
  • Portable pressure calibrators
  • Pressure volume controller
  • Bench top/panel mount digital pressure indicators and mechanical gauges
  • Dial gauges
ICP DAS Co. Ltd. logo

ICP DAS Co. Ltd.

  • PLC
  • Touchstone controllers
  • Wireless Industrial Products
  • Industrial PC and Monitors
  • Remote Web Enabled Access
  • Human Machine Interface
JP3 Measurement Logo

JP3 Measurement

  • Verax Analyzers
  • Liquid and Gas Measurement
  • Realtime NGL, Crude oil, condensate analyzers
KCF Technologies Logo

KCF Technologies

  • Wireless Vibration Monitoring
  • Energy Harvesting Technology for Sensors
  • TCP/IP/Cloud/Cell Network based collection nodes
Kobold Instruments Inc. Logo

Kobold Instruments Inc.

  • Flow, level, pressure and temperature switches, indicators, transmitters and controllers
  • Instrumentation and controls for demanding industrial uses
Kor-Lok USA

Kor-Lok USA

  • Fluid control products
  • Instrumentation grade fittings
  • Tube fittings
  • Pipe fittings
  • Ball valves, needle valves, check valves, relief valves, and manifold valves
Nivelco Logo


  • Level Transmitters
  • Level Switches
  • Temperature Meters
  • Liquid Analysis
Oleumtech Logo


  • Wireless level sensors
  • Wireless Digital/Analog Sensors and Transmitters
  • Wireless Gateways
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Flow Metering
Precision Digital Corporation  Logo

Precision Digital Corporation

  • Digital indicators for flow, level, pressure and temperature
  • Panel meters
  • Hazardous area indicators
Princo Instruments, Inc. Logo

Princo Instruments, Inc.

  • RF capacitance level transmitters and switches
  • Ultrasonic level
  • Open channel flow
  • Level by pressure
  • FM approved instruments
Ralston Instrument Corporation Logo

Ralston Instruments

  • Portable pneumatic high pressure sources
  • Pressure calibration pumps, manifolds, hose and fittings
  • Pressure volume controllers
Rotronic Instrument Corporation  logo

Rotronic Instrument Corporation

  • Relative humidity and dew point instruments, probes, indicators and transmitters
  • Humidity calibrators
  • Humidity chambers
  • Water activity measurement systems
Sales Technology Inc. Logo

Sales Technology Inc.

  • Vibration and condition monitoring instrumentation
  • Transmitters
  • Indicators
  • Laser Alignment
  • Shutdown monitors
Solar Light Company  Logo

Solar Light Company

  • UV light sources; solar simulators, radiometers and detectors
  • Light sensors with analog outputs
Stellar Technology Incorporated  Logo

Stellar Technology Incorporated

  • Pressure and temperature transducers and transmitters
  • Aerospace sensors
  • Smart sensors
  • Load cells
Superior Signal Co., Inc. Logo

Superior Signal Co., Inc.

  • Ultrasonic leak detectors for compressed air lines, steam traps,valves and bearings
Thermoprobe Inc. Logo

ThermoProbe Inc.

  • Portable precision RTD thermometers
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